size guide

Size guide

Step 2 - Our jeans sometimes also have two different sizes for length.

Depending on the model - the inseam measurements are different,

some models should be worn with high heels and is because of this longer 

than normal. (lengthen leg)

"R" - "Regular" - Individual measurements for all styles are written on all styles.

"L" - "Long" - is +5cm from the measurements for Regular.

Measure your leg from crotch.​

Note; Some models are cropped or ancle which means they are

shorter than full length. (see sketch)

Step 3 - We are all different. Do you like your jeans loose or very tight?

These are factors that also should be considered.

Our qualities are sometimes considered more firm and thicker than others. 

Our sizes are similar to European standard.

Step 1 - Measure your chest, waist and seat - please see sketch for place to measure.

Please use only underwear when measuring. It is also important that the measuring tape is flat and not tight on the body when measuring.

All measures are in CENTIMETER (cm)

Thanks for using this guide and helping us and the planet to reduce returns!