About us

The company arouse from what the market around us couldn’t provide. We were looking for feminine denims with a natural glow, more luxurious and glamourous washes. We are driven by the passion for denim and the artful outcome that will occure when you truly love the amazing denim fabrics.
We are the alternative for the glamorous and fashionable women who wants to look smashing wearing jeans made from organic cotton.

We have created the possibility to love fashion and clothes – with less feeling guilty about nature.

ODENIMs are VEGAN - there are no details of animal content in our products. 

"we created the possibility to love fashion and clothes - with less feeling guilty 

about nature."

The growth of conventional cotton is not an environmental friendly process  - This is why we source only more sustainable materials for our products, we search the market for the best available option for each style. Most preferable fabrics are made from recycled materials or organically grown cottons.


Production is made in Turkey – this means closer transport than from for example; Far East.


We also want to make sure non of our jeans ever go to waste - thats why we will recycle our garments once they are worn out. The garments will be recycled into new materials and/or redesigned as something else. The O in ODENIM stands for the closed circle - the loop is our mission. 

Help us close the circle!

Go to the mainmenu - "Recycle your ODENIMs" to learn how. 

What else can YOU do?

We all need to take actions against the world pollution.

It is not only up to the companies to make the change - so must the people of the planet and YOU are one of them!


Some of the pollution comes from the people washing their clothes at home. Here is one place were you can make a difference!

  • Don't wash clothes that's not dirty - especially not denim. Wash your denims as seldom as you can. Wipe them off with a cloth or hang them to air-out. 

  • Don't wash too warm or with too much detergent. Fabric softener should not be used at all.

  • Hang your laundry - it will take some time but the energy using a dryer can be used for something else.

  • Never buy any garment you are not planning to use 30 times or more. #wearitthirtytimesormore

  • If you fix your garment if its broken and wear it for an extra 9 months, you can reduce waste and water usage by approx. 20-30% (source: @fashionforgood)

Almost all of our packing materials and details are made from recycled material.

It can and should be recycled again! Please always recycle as much as you can.

Where others see waste - we see possibilities!